Cocaine Abuse Leads Florida Man to Mix Drug With Kool-Aid

A cop interrupted a St. Petersburg man Sept. 14 as he was preparing to use a syringe to inject a mixture of liquid cocaine and orange Kool-Aid, according to an arrest report. The officer was in an enclosed park at about 1 a.m. when he spotted Nathan Moore, 35, with "needle of syringe to his arm." Moore admitted to the officer that he mixed 15 milliliters of liquid cocaine with 25 milliliters of Kool-Aid.

Cocaine abuse is a dangerous addiction that can start out as a habit, but can become an addiction rapidly. Cocaine is a social drug, but is a high that is limited and is a drug that will need to be used over and over for the same effect. Cocaine abuse can affect one's behavior and cause an individual to act in a way that they might not otherwise. Cocaine abuse that has turned into an addiction must be treated in an inpatient setting to physically when an individual off of cocaine.

Characteristics of Cocaine Abuse

The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reports on emergency room visits yearly for differing causes. Of one million emergency room visits yearly that have to do with drug use, almost 500,000 of these involve cocaine. To others, those on cocaine can seen hyper, distracted, and rapidly change topics or have a hard time focusing on one thought for too long. Once a person is coming down from cocaine they can be in a state of lethargy and become irritable. Once an individual starts using cocaine, this is the type of drug that they will want to use repeatedly which can lead to overdoses.

Cocaine Addiction and Withdrawal

Cocaine addiction can come on quickly because the effects of the drug can make a person feel euphoric and hyper focused. Eventually, they will need more of the drug to keep the same high, and dangerously high tolerance levels will leave an individual with a harder comedown from the drug. The effectiveness of cocaine will not produce the same high that it did in the beginning. Signs of cocaine addiction are sleeplessness, lack of appetite, weight loss or behavioral changes.

Getting Help

Drug treatment centers in Fort Myers, along with Narcotics Anonymous (, can get you on the path to a drug-free life.

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