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Drug treatment centers in Fort Myers provides help for people suffering from addiction. Substance abuse rehab and aftercare programs at highly qualified treatment centers can save lives. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, call Drug Treatment Centers Fort Myers for help finding drug treatment centers. Call (877) 804-1531 for help now.

What is Substance Abuse?

Dependence on alcohol or drugs is deemed substance abuse and necessitates substance abuse rehab. Substance abuse refers to harmful or addictive substances like illicit drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse may also refer to addictive prescription drugs. Substance abuse can take a toll on someone's life and lead to addiction. Addiction is a disease that requires substance abuse rehab and aftercare designed to prevent relapse.

Substance abuse refers to both legal and illegal substances. Commonly abused substances include alcohol, over-the-counter medications, opiates, stimulants, and depressants. Some people abuse prescription drugs by using them in a manner not authorized by their physician. While some people may continue to function in their daily lives while abusing these drugs, their substance abuse can quickly lead to addiction or lead to other harmful circumstances.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Misusing prescription drugs indicates a substance abuse problem. Taking prescriptions drugs that have not been prescribed to you or using them in a manner not authorized by your doctor constitutes prescription drug abuse. Substance abuse rehab can help people before this abuse takes a dangerous turn toward addiction.

Illegal Drug Abuse

Using drugs like marijuana, molly (MDMA), or heroin constitutes drug abuse. These substances are not legal. These drugs are known for their addictive qualities. Drug abuse treatments can help people who visit a substance abuse rehab before their dangerous habit turns into a potentially life-threatening addiction. A substance abuse counselor can work with people to design an individualized care plan that matches their needs.

Alcohol Abuse

Binge drinking and other negative patterns of alcohol use indicate an alcohol abuse problem. Left untreated, this abuse could also turn into addiction. Alcohol abuse has been linked to increased aggression, mood irregularities, and poor judgment. Substance abuse treatment can help people end their dependency on alcohol.

Identifying Substance Abuse: Warning Signs

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, there are physical, behavioral, and psychological signs associated with drug abuse. Physical signs include any type of physical impairment that is not customary for the person, tremors, sudden weight loss, or bloodshot eyes. Someone with a cocaine dependency might experience frequent nosebleeds. Someone abusing prescription medications might appear confused or lack coordination.

Behavioral signs of substance abuse are often characterized by sudden changes in relationships. Some people will begin to miss more days of work or school than is typical for them. Exhibiting secretive behaviors or becoming withdrawn may also indicate a substance abuse problem. Psychological warning signs of drug abuse include mood swings, unusual agitation, anxiety, and unexplained personality changes. These signs could indicate a need for substance abuse rehab.

The Health Effects of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse puts people at greater risk for accidents due to physical impairment resulting from drug or alcohol use. Substance abuse can become a full-blown addiction. Abusing drugs or alcohol can lead to liver damage, cardiovascular problems, seizures, and a weakened immune system. Entering an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program can help people ward off these serious health effects before they occur.

How to Encourage Someone to Get Help

Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol may not believe they have a problem, even when it's pointed out to them by family or friends. People may believe they have the ability to control their substance use. Some people might think there is a negative stigma associated with substance abuse rehab while others believe they can conquer their problem without professional substance abuse counseling. Affordability is also a factor for some people who do not seek out help for their substance abuse problem.

It's important to encourage your loved one to get help for their substance abuse problem at a substance abuse rehab. Gently confronting a family member to obtain help may be all the encouragement they need. In some cases, formal intervention with the help of a trained addiction specialist might be the key to convincing a loved one to get help at a rehab center. If your loved one will not investigate substance abuse programs in Fort Myers, help them by trying to find the answers to their questions. Some people simply need support at this vulnerable time in their lives.

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