Alcohol/Drug Addiction Relapse Prevention in Fort Myers FL

Relapse occurs when someone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction begins to abuse a substance again after they had previously stopped using it. In fact, this cycle is said to begin as soon as the person starts to exhibit emotional and mental signs of a setback. Certain drugs like meth have a high rate of recidivism among addicts.

A relapse prevention plan that involves aftercare counseling could help recovering addicts stay on the right path. Therapy can address the issues that may have led a person to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. Relapse prevention is vital for helping a person live a drug-free life.

Relapse rates vary by drug type. According to recent statistics, heroin addicts have an 87% rate of recidivism. Marijuana addicts are 79% likely to relapse. Someone abusing hallucinogens like LSD has a 46% relapse rate.

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Three Stages

Addiction specialists often discuss the three stages of relapse: emotional, mental, and physical. During the emotional phase, a person begins to experience negative emotions like anxiety or anger. During this emotional phase, a person might lose their appetite and experience insomnia or experience feeling of isolation, shame or become defensive.

The mental phase occurs when the addict begins to lie or hang out with friends that are still involved with drug use. The person might begin to think about or even fantasize about relapsing. Physical relapse occurs when the addict obtains alcohol or drugs and starts to use them.

How Can It Be Prevented?

Statistics show that more than 90% of meth addicts will return to drug use after they have been through detox. On average, 40-60% of people in treatment will experience a setback. Addiction relapse prevention helps addicts reduce their risk of recidivism by teaching people how to identify and avoid triggers through the use of recovery tools and skills they learn during treatment.

Detoxification alone is not enough to reduce the risk of relapse. Experiencing withdrawal and removing the substance from the body may provide a physical break from a drug, but the mental and emotional addiction can be just as powerful. A quality aftercare program is needed to address the mental and emotional risk factors of returning to drug use. Aftercare programs provide therapy that targets the emotional triggers associated with addiction and provide addicts with the tools they need to successfully manage their addiction and recovery.

Relapse Prevention Programs

Alcohol addiction treatment centers offer various programs for patients. A combination of group counseling, individual therapy, medication, relapse prevention training, alternative treatments, and support groups such as NA and AA is the most effective treatment method for most patients. Each person's program is individualized and tailored to meet the addict's specific needs so that they may have the best possible chance of succeeding in their fight to live free from addiction.

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